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          We now offer a “mail order” reflashing service for most Toyota, Lexus ECU’s; as well as select models of Saab’s and Honda’s. This reflashing service is for LOST KEYS situations ONLY and not for any other automotive problems. If you have any questions or for details, contact us.

          We are in the process of purchasing NEW software that will allow us to program 95% of VW and Audi keys up to 2005.  With the current software we can only program 25% of the keys.  This is due to the fact that a security code required to program the key is only available from VW in Germany, NOT the local VW dealer.  The NEW software will retrieve the security code directly from the cars computer with a 95% success rate.

          We have recently purchased the necessary equipment to reflash Toyota and Lexus ECM computers. This procedure is necessary on several of the “First Generation” transponder key systems if all existing keys are lost. We previously had to remove the computer from your car then take it to a vendor to have it reflashed (Mon-Fri 9-5) and then reinstall the computer in your car. With the acquisition of this equipment, this procedure can now be done COMPLETELY On-Site 24/7, therefore saving you time as well as money.

          We now have the equipment necessary to pick, open and make the round ACE keys (also know as barrel keys, or ‘Coke’ machine keys).

Ace barrel key

This will also allow us to originate and duplicate the round Harley Davidson keys.


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