Toyota-Lexus ECU Reflash Service

We now offer a “mail-order” reflash service for select models of Toyota and Lexus ECU’s when all keys have been lost. If all keys have been lost on certain models, there is no provisions provided to simply “add” new keys to the vehicle without an existing key.  Toyota and Lexus used this system on most of their vehicles from 1997 through 2004, a few models as late as 2007.  In order to replace the keys for these cars, the ECU has to be “replaced” by the dealer. We at AACR Locksmith have the ability to take your existing ECU and “reflash” or “reset” it to the factory settings in order to add new keys.

We have offered this service to our local customers since 2005. NOW we offer the same service for customers in any state via “mail-order”.  Simply remove your existing ECU, send it to us, we will reflash it and return it with working keys.

We are still working out the fine details, so please contact us for more information and instructions.



ES300 1998-2003 Behind glove box
ES330 2004-2006 Behind glove box
GS300 1998-2003 Under hood drivers side
GS400 1998-2000 Under hood drivers side
GS430 2001-2003 Under hood drivers side
GX470 2003-2004 Behind instrument cluster
IS300 2001-2003 Behind glove box
LS400 1997-2000 Behind glove box
LS430 2001-2003 Behind NAV system
LX470 1998-2002 Behind glove box
LX470 2003-2005 Behind instrument cluster
RX300 1998-2003 Behind glove box
RX330/400 2004-2006 Center of dash
SC300/400 1998-2000 Pass side / feet carpet
SC430 2002-2006 Behind glove box
4 Runner 1998-2006 Behind glove box
Avalon 1998-2004 Behind glove box
Camry 1998-2006 Behind glove box
Corolla 2005-2006 Center of dash
Highlander 2001-2003 Behind glove box
Highlander 2004-2006 Pass kick panel
Land Cruiser 1998-2006 Behind glove box
Matrix 2005-2006 Center of dash
MR2 2000-2005 Behind glove box
Prius 2001-2006 Above steering column
Sienna 1998-2003 Behind glove box
Sienna 2004-2006 Behind center dash
RAV 4 2002-2003 Behind glove box
RAV 4 2004-2007 Behind instrument cluster
Sequoia 2001-2002 Behind glove box
Sequoia 2003-2006 Behind instrument cluster
Solara 1998-2006 Behind glove box
Tacoma 2005-2007 Behind instrument cluster