Reflash Lexus, Toyota and Honda ECU/ECM Computer Service

AACR Locksmith now provides on-site reflash service for Lexus, Toyota’s and Honda vehicles that require the ECU to be replaced.

If you have lost your keys for a Lexus, Toyota or Honda on some models made between 1998 and 2004 the computer or ECU may have to be replaced or reflashed to program new keys back into the car, also if you only have a valet key and want to add another key the ECU has to be replaced or reflashed. The dealer will install a new computer in your car at a cost ranging from $1000.00 to $ 2500.00 dollars, they also may tell you that is the only way to get new keys and that they are the only ones that can do this service, in the majority of cases this is not true. We have the equipment needed to make replacement keys and also to reflash the computer and can provide this service at a price far lower than the dealers offer. We can also do this at your location, no need for towing services.

How Does This Service Work ?

1. Give Us A Call – There are some models that show ECU replacement or Reflashing is necessary when in reallity there is no transponder system used on that car and replacement keys can be remade at a very reasonable price.

2. If service is determined to be necessary
a. We come to your location, and generate the new keys (you get 2 new keys)

b. We remove the ECU and reflash the unit, then reinstall it.

c. We then program the keys into the car

d. You now have 2 new working keys to your car

3. In most cases we can provide same day service, to get you back on the road again.


Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions about this service.  If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call.
1.Question- I lost the keys to my Lexus or Toyota (this also applies to some Honda’s and Acura’s), I called the dealer and he stated I had to replace the computer in order to start my car, Is that my only option?

Answer- No that isn’t correct, we can reflash, reprogram or reset your computer and
make new keys for your vehicle.

2.Question- Can I get a remote head key for my vehicle? Do you cut these keys?
Answer- Yes, we can provide you with a remote head key. Yes, we can cut these keys
and send them with your reflashing order.

3.Question- Why don’t the dealers provide this service?
Answer- The dealers just replace the ECM, ECU or ICU that way they make more

4.Question- How long does it take to remove the ECM, ECU, ICU from my vehicle?
Answer- Removal usually takes 10-30 mins when done the first time.

5.Question- Why do you need the door lock from my vehicle?
Answer- We use the door lock to check the keys to be sure they work properly. We can
do it without but the keys cannot be guaranteed to work, due to a wrong code or locks
that were changed.

6.Question- How long does it take to remove the door lock?
Answer- A person can usually remove the lock in 20-45 mins. A mechanic or auto body
professional can remove the lock in less time.

7.Question- Is it cheaper to reflash the computer (ECM, ECU, ICU) or just buy a new
computer from the dealer?
Answer- Reflashing or Reprogramming the computer is always a more cost effective
solution to the problem.

8.Question- How long does it take to have this service completed?
Answer- We can usually do these the same day we receive it, and send it out the next

9.Question- How should I package and ship my ECM, ECU or ICU to you?
Answer- You should wrap the computer up in bubble wrap, put it into a durable box,
tape the box closed with approved packaging tape. You need to insure the package for
approximately $1500.00, to cover it in case of loss or damage. We insure it when we
send it back to you.

10.Question- What is the shipping cost?
Answer- The cost depends on how fast you need it shipped back to you. UPS Next Day
Air is the most popular way to ship, the cost is $65.00 for this service. UPS Second Day
shipping is $45.00. UPS Ground shipping is $15.00, all these prices include insurance.

11.Question- My remote key head is cracked, and the key is loose, can you fix this?
Answer- Yes, We can cut a new key with the new shell attached to it. The only thing
that needs to done then is to swap the electronic part from the old key to the new
remote head key. Replacing the shell is cheaper than buying another new remote
head key.

12. Question- Can you come to my location and perform the ECM removal and
reflashing service?
Answer- Yes, we will come to your location. We service many locations. Please call us
for more details.

13. Question- What kind of Remote Head Keys do you sell?
Answer- We have several different kinds of Remote Head Keys that we sell. We have
New Lexus Remote Head keys, Aftermarket Remote Head Keys and Refurbished
Remote Head Keys. The new Lexus Remote Head Keys are the most expensive, the
Aftermarket and Refurbished Remote Head Keys are a better deal. The only difference
between the New Remote Head Keys and the Refurbished Aftermarket Remote Head
Keys is the new one has the Lexus Logo on the back of the shell and has new
electronics inside the shell. The Refurbished Aftermarket Remote Head Keys have a
new blade and a shell without the Lexus Logo on the back of the shell. The electronics
inside these Refurbished Aftermarket Remote Head Keys are used but in perfect
working condition. There might be some small scratches and minimal wear on the
plastic. All of our Remote Head Keys carry the same warranty. The warranty is for 60
days unless otherwise specified, this doesn’t cover damage or abuse.

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